Constituent Parts

Software development & consultancy

Who are we?

Constituent Parts is a software development consultancy working primarily on the web. Founded by Matt Patterson, and based in London, we work with companies and organisations of all sizes to help their businesses deliver. Matt remains the business' principal developer, working with a multi-disciplinary group of experienced collaborators when a project requires it, ensuring that the right mix of expertise is brought to bear on a project.

Matt has over 10 years experience building for the web, from web design and front-end development all the way through to back-end development. Along the way he's co-written a book on CSS, which is currently in its second edition and has been translated into Italian and Spanish, led a software team at the BBC, and spent five of the last ten years running design- and development-focussed consultancies. He has a personal blog over at Reprocessed.

Constituent Parts Limited. Company number 6366606, registered in London.