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Birmingham Civic Dashboard

Mudlark / Digital Birmingham

Digital Birmingham wanted to produce a regularly updated visualisation of the citizens of Birmingham's interactions with Birminham City Council, as captured by the Council's staff. Mudlark asked us to help with data exploration, design and engineering.

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Mudlark were commissioned by Digital Birmingham, as part of NESTA Make It Local programme, to create a civic data 'dashboard', which would display data from Birmingham Council's own systems about the contacts which Birmingham citizens were making with their council.

We, together with our long-time collaborator Ben Weiner, were brought on board to figure out what could be done with the data that was available. Once that was done, Mudlark's visual design team crafted the Dashboard site's design, setting out what to show and how to present it.

We then turned our initial data explorations and into a system which could process, store and display the data feed from the Council, and create all the visualisations.

The site is updated every day with the previous day's data. Data plotted Council's systems.

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